Xomad is founded on the power of combining real world brand activations with the digital world. Real world events have memories, photos, and real interaction that digitally will last for years after the event.


Our success is due to mobilizing entire social ecosystems of influencers throughout metropolitan markets creating hundreds of million of organic friend-to-friend endorsements.


We use proprietary technology to vet influencers that have the credibility you need to market campaigns successfully and strategically.

How We Are Different

Spilling the secrets of our record breaking success.

Brands succeed with Xomad.

The primary differentiator between Xomad and other influencer companies is the breadth and depth of our networks. Most influencer companies rely on influencers opting into their platform, which tends to attract more professional influencers, "hired guns" and less genuine
trendsetters with deep, natural and devoted followings. Xomad, on the other hand, reaches out to influencers via local Influencer Managers in metropolitan markets, and we can therefore vet and mobilize many tens of thousands of influencers never reached by other platforms.

Directly Engage with Consumers

Xomad creates branded social conversations across entire social ecosystems. We believe the best way to amplify a brand's message, and effectively reach and mobilize large numbers of brand advocates is through activating 100’s, 1,000’s or even tens of thousands of Influencers at a time.


Branded Events & Strategic Partnerships

Xomad generates massive brand buzz through creative product integrations and real time interaction with the most Influential content creators. In addition, Xomad’s activation teams and Hollywood networks can facilitate unique experiences that attract on-brand celebrities and their worldwide audiences, thus providing high level media placements to supplement broad based social buzz and chatter.


Make an Impact

Establish brand affinity with Xomad’s influential content creators, through once in a lifetime unique experiences. Xomad’s experiential Influencer integrations, produce engaging content and connect Influencer networks. Xomad's intimate gatherings also garner exponential engagement, and impact among the most influential creators.

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 27:  AXE Astronauts invade New York City to celebrate the AXE Apollo line of products on January 27, 2013 in New York City.  (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for AXE)

Understand Your Audience

Collaborate with Xomad’s Influencers to understand the impact your brand is making AND can make on Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennial audiences. Xomad’s Influencer focus groups allow your brand to connect on a deeper level with your brand’s audience, forecasting future trends and even impacting product development.


Xomad's Technology

Xomad’s proprietary technology allows brands to gain a deeper analysis of reach, impressions, credibility and engagement. For example, full and detailed analyses of follower demographics (e.g., breakdown by gender, interests...AND even the followers’ influence) allows for hyper-specific targeting.



Our results speak louder than all these pesky words.
Unilever’s Bright Future Spring 2015
Dove Color Care — Sundance 2013
Try Dry 2014­ – 2015
Axe Apollo 2013
Dove Oxygen and Dove Men+Care ­— Sundance 2014
Suave Professional Body Care
Motions Hair Care 2014 & 2015
Showtime’s Ray Donovan
American Heart Association & Go Red Day at New York Fashion Week
Caress ­ Fresh Collection
Nivea and Nivea for Men

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