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Reach & Expand Your Audience

XOMAD creates branded social conversations across entire social ecosystems. We believe the best way to amplify a brand’s message and effectively reach and mobilize large numbers of brand advocates is through activating 100s, 1,000s, or even tens of thousands of Influencers at a time.

Live Event Productions & Activations

XOMAD generates massive brand buzz through creative product integrations and real time interaction with the most Influential content creators. In addition, XOMAD’s activation teams and Hollywood networks can facilitate unique experiences that attract on-brand celebrities and their worldwide audiences, thus providing high-level media placements to supplement broad based social buzz and chatter.

Experiential Influencer Integrations

From Influencer vetting, activations, coordinations and tracking, we do it all. Let us help you navigate the Influencer space we know and love!

Influencer Focus Groups

Collaborate with XOMAD’s Influencers to understand the impact your brand is making and can make on Gen Z, Gen X, and Millennial audiences. XOMAD’s Influencer focus groups allow your brand to connect on a deeper level with your brand’s audience, forecasting future trends and even impacting product development.

Measurement & Analytics

XOMAD’s proprietary technology allows brands to gain a deeper analysis of reach, impressions, credibility and engagement. For example, full and detailed analyses of follower demographics (e.g., breakdown by gender, interests…AND even the followers’ influence) allows for hyper-specific targeting.


XOMAD Technology Platform

XOMAD has spent years developing a proprietary technology platform that uniquely identifies, dissects and analyzes criteria relating to influencers’ reach, impressions, credibility and engagement.

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Social Influencer Marketing

We don’t want to toot our own horn … so here is what a few people are saying about social influencer marketing.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Every brand is unique and therefore each influencer marketing strategy should be unique as well. We work with each brand to determine the best combination of influencers to create the most effective and impactful campaign possible.

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