To be the global leader in igniting social movements by uniting large communities of trusted social media messengers and trendsetters to co-create, innovate, and energize conversations that drive action and positive change for brands, advocacy groups, and the public sector.



We are passionate about what we do and about making a difference. We care about our Earth, with many of us being avid hikers and/or beach bums, we stand with LGBTQIA+, and we believe Black Lives Matter. Our offices are spread throughout the world, but we never miss a chance to hang out together, even if just for a virtual happy hour. We help each other out for work and believe no task is beneath anyone at any level. We roll up our sleeves for the tough projects, and then we celebrate. 

And, importantly, we all love our dogs. 




The XOMAD tech team are pioneers in influencer technology. Previous to XOMAD, the team created influencer scores and rankings within the financial services sector. They are now taking that experience and knowledge and expanding it to grow XOMAD’s proprietary influencer technology.


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