Authenticity: Regain it for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

Authenticity: Overused and said with a slight eye roll. Doesn’t it just sound cliché now? But we can still remember a time when ‘authenticity’ wasn’t stale and ‘influencer’ wasn’t a dirty word.

Now that it’s 2018, it appears as though the days of chronological Instagram feeds and product promotions based on brand affinity are gone. Younger generations are hyper-aware of paid posts and know the difference between a disingenuous ad and a love affair between influencer and brand.

Let’s dive into the best practices for an organic influencer campaign that appeals to your audience and will raise ROI’s.

Let’s first address the problem:

A recent study asked influencers what type of content they put more effort into, and 73% said they work harder on content for a brand they feel passionately about. But what about the other 27%? That is still a large gap of influencers who post better content based on how much they are paid.

This study also discovered 8% of influencers have never rejected a brand deal. For this reason, many people seek influencers in that 73%, and we think you should too.


It’s time for a solution:

While it’s important to find the right influencer for your brand, but don’t limit it to follower count and demographics. The right ones act as a voice for their followers, know what their audience wants, and regularly engage. Whether they use polls or have conversations within the comments, the right influencer considers their audience while creating content.

They act as knowledgeable authorities within their vertical by studying and living their passions daily. They have become storytelling and branding experts, who use that expertise to create content for brands they like. For example, a self-made MUA who never had training but still slays the makeup game and who has accumulated many followers. There is something about their storytelling, their passion propelled them to influence their audience’s beauty habits.

As active participants in brand development, influencers cultivate authentic brand loyalty. In turn, this produces organic, engaging content for marketing campaigns.

Hello consumer appeal and higher ROI!

Authenticity creates successful campaigns:

That’s the end game, isn’t it? Brand affinity, consumer appeal and tangible ROIs. We know that’s the ultimate desire for an influencer marketing campaign, and we truly believe that authenticity is key.

Let us know in the comments below your thoughts on authenticity in influencer marketing!
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