How Brands and Agencies are Responding to COVID-19

Forty-three percent of millennials believe that brands need to step up and help with COVID-19 initiatives, with twenty-five percent of them saying brands have the power to be as impactful as the government, according to a study conducted by Berlin Cameron in partnership with research firm Perksy.

Many brands and agencies are responding to the quickly changing world and marketing landscape, capitalizing on the reach and impactful engagement of influencers to lead their messaging and initiatives. Here are some of our favorites.

Adapting Influencer Strategies

Despite the obstacles faced by outdoor brands during COVID-19, outdoor clothing brand Dakine launched #MindSurfing, highlighting how influencer athletes are keeping busy at home and safely staying active outdoors. Since leveraging influencer content, they have seen dramatic growth. Year-over-year engagement is up 6%, Instagram reach is up a whopping 1,707%, and website visits from social media sources are up 26%.

Incorporating Fun via TikTok

The #DistanceDance by Procter and Gamble is a great example of sponsored content done right during a crisis. With the help of TikTok macro influencer Charlie Demelio, P&G procured 8.7 billion views on TikTok, and generated 1.7 million videos as evidence of people staying at home dancing.

Supporting Health Initiatives and Messaging

The World Health Organization (WHO) is partnering with influencer agencies to drive donations to WHO’s Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund. In addition to mobilizing 20+ celebrities and influencers, Jack Frost, a digital rendering of a 20 year old from Atlanta with a 1M+ following, is a part of the campaign. 

Collaborative Influencer Marketing

XOMAD is committed to driving positive change during this trying time. We harnessed social leading trendsetters’ innovation and insights to create two campaigns in partnership with the government of Bangladesh and LA county residents: #CalmCovid19 and #GlobalHighFive. Within three weeks, our #CalmCovid19 campaign generated 10M+ reach, and 20M+ impressions on Instagram and Facebook.

#GlobalHighFive welcomed different types of influencers and social leaders from all over Los Angeles to drive change in their communities in creative ways.  Influencers extended virtual high fives to audiences staying at home while reminding them that social distance doesn’t have to mean social disconnection.

To activate these two campaigns, XOMAD introduced the first Influencer Advisory Council, to harness content experts’ insights, innovation, and campaign messaging strategies to deliver content that would be enjoyable and receptive to their audiences. The Council is an exciting development for governments and brands to connect directly with super consumers and adapt behaviors — whether it be for social good initiatives or purchase intent — both during and long after the pandemic has subsided.

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