How Brands and Influencers Can Help Fight the Spread of the COVID-19 Virus


Let’s be honest, it is not a secret for anyone that the world is going through a difficult time right now. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted us not only on a personal level, but it has also impacted the influencer marketing industry as well as many others. However, we truly believe in working together as a community to overcome this situation, while maintaining a calm attitude.

It is the perfect moment for brands and influencers to work hand-in-hand towards the same goal: providing useful information and resources to audiences. Both brands and influencers have a powerful voice that can make a change during the current situation. 


Things you can do to contribute if you’re a brand

  • Establish active conversations with consumers – Since many physical stores are closing and people are staying home, many customers might have questions about how to acquire certain products, or if they are available at the moment. Keep in mind that having active conversations with audiences will bring loyal customers in the long-term.
  • Give a hand to people who need it – It is not an easy time for anyone, so if your brand can offer free services or discounts to those who are affected by the outbreak and could benefit from your product or services, provide opportunities to help them.
  • Educate audiences with valuable information – Communication is key in this moment, and in order to fight the virus, audiences need to have access to reliable information that allows them to not only stay informed about the virus, but also to stay calm as a way to fight it.
  • Utilize marketing strategies – Work with influencers to spread your message quickly and more effectively.


Things you can do to contribute if you’re an influencer

With the rise of the coronavirus, many brands are not advertising because they know that what consumers need more than anything right now is education and safety. When brand partnerships are slow, now is the time to use your influence as a voice for social good.


  • Teach audiences how to work remotely – As an influencer, you probably already know what it’s like to work from home. Provide guidance and help your followers deal with the situation in an easier way. 
  • Share educating content from reliable sources of information – Help your followers stay safe and informed with content and information that is not just relevant, but also useful, and comes from reliable sources like the WHO and CDC. Avoid posting memes, images, or other pieces of content that might only be myths. Be creative to reach wider audiences!
  • Be entertaining– Your followers probably need a break from all of the news about the novel Coronavirus. Provide quality content for them to stay entertained while staying at home, or help them learn something new.
  • Give back to your community – If you have more products than you need (from PR packages or brand collabs for example), make sure to donate them to people that might be needing them. 
  • Work with brands that you trust to keep your followers informed – Now is a great opportunity to maintain relationships with previously collaborated brands as well as develop new partnerships that align with your audience and personal brand by pitching companies with content that illuminates the public, and aids social good campaigns surrounding COVID-19. By pitching brands with your ideas, you will effectively show them that you are a creative thought leader that cares for your audience. These qualities are the kind of traits that brands covet in their influencer partnerships.

Need help with this? Join our professional network for immediate support. Stay tuned for guidelines & tips on pitching brands for COVID-19 initiatives in our next post.

We have the responsibility to take action and make a positive impact in the world. Any small contribution counts, especially when we work together. It’s the moment to use your power, to use that voice that represents thousands of people.




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