Happy Holidays 2017: Q&A with XOMAD

Even though California is on fire and it still feels like summer most days, it’s everyone’s favorite snowflake-filled time of year! This holiday season, #teamXOMAD has a few favorite traditions to share and you’re invited:

What is your favorite holiday film and why?

And the winner is… Love Actually!

Hayley:   I love Love Actually. Some people don’t consider it an actual holiday film, but I tend to only watch it during Christmas time. It reminds me of being in England and watching with my study abroad friends. It totally changed the way I view airports too, so there’s that.

Giselle:   Love Actually because it’s about believing in true love and holidays are all about the faith and prosperity.

Nichole:  Love Actually

FatimaLove Actually because I watch it every year with my mom and I cry every time.

Kelly: A Christmas Story is the ultimate classic. But my favorite has morphed into Elf because somehow Will Ferrell has become this iconic holiday figure and that blows my mind.

Darby: I’m not super into Christmas films, but White Christmas is a cozy classic. When it comes to laughs, The Santa Clause never fails to deliver.

Francis: A Charlie Brown Christmas. I’ve probably watched it over a thousand times, and I’m still not sick of it (even at 30 years old). I’ve also had Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree over the last 10 years.

Favorite holiday drink?


Hayley: MULLED WINE! It’s warm, boozy and has all of the right spices. I don’t think it gets better than that.

Giselle: Eggnog

Nichole: Mulled Wine

Fatima: Champurrado!

Kelly: Whichever bottle I open from Hills Farmstead Brewery

Darby: Spiced Cider! But Champurrado is also incredible.

Francis: Hot chocolate.

Favorite holiday ad this year OR ever?

HayleyCoca-Cola holiday ads are pretty iconic, and I enjoy seeing them around here and there. They’re always nostalgic, which is the way I think Christmas should feel.

Giselle: Any Coca-Cola ad. They are the first holiday ads I remember seeing.

Nichole: I love the Coca-Cola Bears.

Fatima: Last year’s Apple Commercial and this super emotional one from Germany!

Kelly: I love Guinness’ Dreaming of a White One commercial.

Darby: Anything about families coming together gets me every time.

Francis: I make and post my own ads, @franciskenneth.

Favorite holiday tradition? or anti-tradition?

Hayley:  Every Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, I sit on the couch with my family and we read T’was The Night Before Christmas. It’s an interactive book for children that we’ve had since I was little, but it’s a tradition we just can’t break.

Nichole: Homemade cinnamon roles Christmas morning. They are delicious.

Kelly: New Years Eve I try to be as far as I can possibly be from any other human and I love it

Fatima: My family celebrates the Mexican tradition of las posadas. For the 9 days leading up to Christmas, we pray a lot, we eat a lot, and spend a lot of time together.

Darby: Ironically, I’m not that into traditions, but my family has quite a lot! My favorite though will always be the candlelight service on Christmas Eve, followed by watching the amazing (and ridiculous) caroling semi-truck cruise through Toluca Lake.

Francis: Lakers basketball on Christmas day.

Your best holiday fail?

Hayley: I have yet to have a fail worthy of remembering, knock on wood.

Giselle:  …finding out that the Santa is not a big dude, but my tiny mom was quite traumatic. I remember walking into the living room and being all jolly about the presents underneath the Xmas tree and saying something like, “thank you Santa!” and my mom said, “You know I put those presents there. Right?” Yikes.

Nichole: Maybe not the best, but the most often, burning the bread.

Kelly: I went to Time Square for NYE once. Hence the new tradition.

Fatima: One year, I was prescribed a really high dosage of pain pills and was super high at Christmas Eve dinner. I legit don’t remember a lot of it since I was falling in and out of sleep the whole night.

Darby: It’s not Christmas unless someone burns the gravy…or the stuffing. There is also a long-standing fail of yore, involving my mother and a kitchen drenched in cranberry remains.

Francis:  Not spending enough time with my loved ones.

So, what are your favorite holiday memories and traditions?

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