How New Jersey used influencers to increase app downloads 95%


In the fall of 2020, the State of New Jersey sought to fight pandemic misinformation and vaccine hesitancy. As one part of a multi-pronged program ahead of the holiday season, the State wanted to use influencers to increase app downloads of its COVID Alert NJ mobile app, whose effectiveness increased as more New Jerseyans downloaded the app.

@lovefashionfriends for @choosenewjerseyThe challenge:

The State had yet to deploy marketing for the new app beyond a traditional press release and social media posts. Ahead of a potentially devastating holiday travel season, the State wanted to ramp up downloads ASAP.

XOMAD solution: #MaskUpNJ and #CovidAlertNJ

In partnership with Governor Murphy’s office, the New Jersey Department of Health, and Choose New Jersey, XOMAD deployed 680+ local, trusted social media messengers, to drive awareness and downloads of the COVID Alert NJ mobile app

To penetrate hard-to-reach Black and Hispanic communities, XOMAD activated locally trusted social media creators to not only spread factual information about pandemic safety and the vaccine, but to also explain their personal reasons for getting vaccinated. Over 77% of the influencers in this phase of the campaign were minority creators with strong followings in local communities.

The results:

  • The program tapped influencers to increase app downloads of the COVID Alert NJ app by 95% within 10 days with 110,000 new downloads, generated fully from participating influencers posting content promoting the app as part of our campaign. 
  • 21% increase in vaccinations among Hispanic New Jerseyans within 2 months.

  • More than 2 million New Jerseyans saw content posted by participating creators multiple times during the campaign.
  • These metrics fully originate from influencers and no other channels. The State of New Jersey allocated 100% of their budget for this initiative on influencers.


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