Celebrating Women: Women’s History Month

March is here! As we rejoice over the change in seasons and softened weather conditions, it’s also a time to celebrate women. Yes, women. The life givers and the homemakers. The backbone and heart of our families and communities. The month of March is Women’s History Month. This month, which started as a day and then a week-long recognition, was later established into a full month in 1987.

But why March? If we take it back for a moment to 1913, one of the first major suffrage parades took place in Washington DC marking the earliest steps towards women legally being able to vote. Decades later in March of 1972, Title IX was passed prohibiting sex discrimination in federally funded educational programs. Then, that same year, the Equal Rights Amendment was passed. With so many groundbreaking movements, it was only fitting that this month was deemed ‘Women’s History Month’.

Earlier we mentioned that Women’s History Month started as just one day. This is where ‘International Women’s Day’ was born. It is a global day where we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for moving forward with gender equality. It has been recognized dating back to 1911 and is still celebrated to this day. 

International Women’s Day falls on March 8th and this year’s theme is Equal for All. So we asked 3 amazing influential women what the theme Equal for All meant to them.

 Valentina Perez (@breakconvalen): 

“Personally, #EachForEqual means more to me than supporting each other as women and as human beings. It’s about embracing who we are and accepting, respecting and loving who OTHERS are. There’s when we all become powerful together!”



Fabi Moreno (@fabialamode):

“To me, #EachForEqual means understanding and accepting that we are all human. International Women’s Day celebrates all women and pushes the movement for equal rights for all. It represents a moment to honor the pioneering women who paved the way for all of us who now have incredible opportunities. This is also an opportunity for women to come together and be proud of all we have achieved so far and have yet to achieve in the future.”


Nathalia Freitas (@lovingmydots):

“Equality means being treated and having the same opportunities as everyone. It means not having to prove that we are strong, we are powerful, not to prove that we can do the work no matter our gender. In the day that things will be equal, we won’t need to advocate for ourselves to have space in society anymore.”



Well said, ladies! We fully support a positive movement that is working for the advancement of equality. And we love how women are paving the way in all fields and especially in influencer marketing, where they are dominating. So let’s give it up to women! The ones who pioneered before us and the ones who will continue to carry us on. Cheers to strong women! May we know them. May we be them. May we uplift them!

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