National Intern Day: Q&A with #teamXOMAD Interns

Happy National Intern Day! Here at XOMAD, we love our interns — they’re part of our influencer-led marketing team! That’s why we had a little chat with Erica Miller and Amanda Tiab to find out a bit more about their dream jobs and what it’s like to be a social media intern in a changing industry.


What school do you attend? What year are you? And what is your major?

EM: I am a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. I am a communication major with a sociology minor.

AT: I am a second year at UCLA, majoring in Business Economics and Minoring in Statistics.


How long have you interned at XOMAD?

EM: I have been a summer intern at Xomad since the beginning of June and finish in the beginning of August.

AT: Two days! But I’ll be staying here till December and I’m very excited.


What is your dream job straight out of school? Why?

EM: My dream job straight out of school would be in the advertising or marketing world. I have always wanted to go into advertising because my mom worked at Mattel when I was a young girl and I would always get free Barbies.

AT: Right out of school, I hope to go into Management Consulting because I’m interested in the problem solving aspect that it brings as well as its exploration into different fields of the business world.


What has been the most surprising thing about your internship?

EM: The most surprising thing about my internship is how much I actually enjoy working at XOMAD. I think what they are doing here is so cool and unique I could totally see myself pursuing this career in the future, it is right up my alley.

AT: The most surprising part about the internship so far has been to see how far-reaching XOMAD’s work travels, even contacting influencers in Paris and Seoul, Korea.

What is your favorite social media platform? What do you use it for?

EM: My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I use it to post photos of my personal and everyday life, to see what my friends and family are doing, and of course to follow popular influencers and celebrities.

AT: My favorite social media platform is Snapchat! It’s entertaining to look through all my friends’ fun stories and stay updated with their day to day lives.


Who is your favorite influencer? Why?

EM: My favorite influencer would be my good friend Ella McFadin (@ellaarose) because she’s stylish, adorable, takes great photos, and has a huge audience even though she’s so young.

AT: I really like Julia Kelly (@missjuliakelly) because she motivates me to work out and is super fashionable!


If you were an influencer, what kind would you be?

EM: If I was an influencer I would totally be a lifestyle, fashion, and travel influencer who gets paid to travel the world and post about products and brands.

AT: If I were an influencer, I would definitely be a foodie! My friends and I go out on the weekends to try popular dessert places in Orange County and LA, so it would be really fun to continue trying other yummy places.


What advice would you give to future interns or those seeking an internship?

EM: Advice I would give to future interns or those seeking an internship would be to not complain about sitting in an office on your computer all day (the office is right next to the beach!!) and also get what you’re working on done quick so you can move onto the next project. You get to do fun research like going on Instagram and finding cool influencer’s for our campaigns. Life could be so much worse!

AT: I would definitely tell future interns that they should continue seeking opportunities even if they are rejected at first. Any internship can bring valuable experience, and if you’re lucky you can find a company as great as #TeamXOMAD 😉

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