How Rainbow Light used influencers to increase web visits 76%


Rainbow Light, a business of the Clorox Company that develops supplements providing health benefits and energy improvements for millions of people, leveraged 200+ influencers who were recently pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, to increase awareness, brand love, and drive their target audience to their website.

@oliviabeth for Rainbow LightThe challenge:

For their launch of a line of prenatal vitamins specialized for each stage of pregnancy, Rainbow Light sought a creative way to reach, and increase brand awareness with, Millennial new moms and soon-to-be moms about their First Thousand day product line. 

Rainbow Light wanted to emphasize the product line’s unique offerings, including trimester-specific prenatals, its fruit and vegetable ingredients, and beneficial probiotics.

XOMAD solution: Rainbow Light #FirstThousandDays

XOMAD’s proprietary technology identified 200+ trusted social messengers who were new mothers, newly pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, to participate in the #FirstThousandDays program.

In this 2.5 month campaign that included product seeding and 14 influencer-led experiential activations with expecting or new moms, more than 200 influencers posted content about the importance of nurturing the bodies of pregnant women and their babies with the right vitamins and minerals during each phase of pregnancy through prenatals, starting with pre-conception and ending after a baby’s 2nd birthday. 

The audiences of all 200+ messengers were monitored to capture their sentiment and response to Rainbow Light’s product and approach. XOMAD collected all comments on the messengers’ content as well as DMs privately sent.

Additionally, a group of 50 influencers participated in a long-form qualitative survey that helped the brand gain knowledge in multiple areas, including social strategy, innovation, packaging, and product awareness.

The results:

  • Rainbow Light experienced a 76% year-over-year increase in web traffic, directly attributable to our campaign.
  • Over 1.45 million accounts saw two or more campaign posts from different influencers.
  • Average engagement: 3.06%
  • More than 796,000 consumers saw campaign content from multiple influencers; overlap increases potential for conversion!

Have a look at sample content from XOMAD’s campaign with Rainbow Light, as well as other exciting brand work, on our brand case study portal.

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