Recap: XOMAD #InfluencerLed Uprising

Celebrating the #InfluencerLed Uprising.

On Friday the 13th #teamXOMAD celebrated the beta launch of our new tech platform in downtown Los Angeles. 500+ influencers gathered in an industrial warehouse to usher in the #InfluencerLed uprising. 

A haunted walkthrough showcased zombie madmen and made a statement about the end of the madmen era of scripted marketing…and earned a lot of “Oh hell no’s”.


We get it. The 60’s mad men advertising freaked us out too.

From the invite list, to live art, special effects makeup demonstration, music, food vendors, and cocktail menu, every detail of the event was curated by influencers and embodied XOMAD’s commitment to influencer creativity and authenticity. Influencers tagged brands they want to work with, and displayed them on an interactive art piece and call-to-action called the tree of creative intention

We had an amazing time and hope you did too (though it definitely looked like it!). We are stoked to kick off the influencer-led era with our new collaborative platform. Can’t wait to see what you create on it!


A HUGE round of thanks to all of our event hosts and partners:

@thebumbys for the fairest and most honest appraisals of our appearances. 
@seventhgradechuckgeo for that show- Magic Mike who?
@geoffgouveia for the XOMAD mural, our new favorite art piece! 
@briggs for being the DJ of our heart and soul. 
@ashyi for hooking it up with @partido_hp churros, cookies from @zooies (s’more panda cookies please!), @astrodoughnuts (YUM) and @streetfoodofseoul’s tempuratation.
@celinelinarte for taking us to flavor city with @thehalalguyssocal, @fireflystudiocity & @milkandeggscom
@bylisalinh for bringing the pizza HEAT from @woodsilverlake
@adyeljuergensen, @beauty_efx and @ivydoodledandy for the epic special FX makeup tutorial (stayed tuned for Adyel’s video recap!).
@marycake for being the mastermind behind the eerie, office photo booth!
@lolomayhew for declaring the fairest of them all. Congrats to the slaying clowns, Cleopatra, Lil’ Red, & the 5-0!
@redbull for giving us LIFE to go all night and @oceanspray for mixing up our Witches Brew, poured by @carlitoswaybar

@teamapi for keeping us fueled and  @zerouv for shielding our peepers from the SoCal rays.

@bigfootphotobooth for capturing everyone’s outfits
@yeastieboysbagels for being the ultimate #bagelLords- we are shook.
@Uber for getting everyone home safely!

And lastly, thank you to the Los Angeles Sheriff and Fire Department and Doorman Security Team for holding it down and making it all possible and safe!


Want more? See the photos here:

Bigfoot photo booth


Zombie Mad Men Office Booth


Event Recaps 


10.13.17 #influencerLED Uprising Tag a face you recognize. #teamXOMAD Video via @ben.ivers

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