Ringing In a New Year: 2017 in Review

Well, 2017 sure was something. Let’s call it a whirlwind. We released a beta version of the XOMAD tech, and had a great time celebrating it with you! We also worked with tons of amazing influencers to develop some killer content, and now we are taking a moment to soak it all in. Join us as we remember 2017 and think our best thoughts for 2018.

Biggest influencer industry mistake of 2017?

Nichole: One offs. Having an influencer posts only one time to social media is by far the biggest mistake. Building a relationship between an influencer and brand has much more value and shows their followers an authentic connection.

Francis: …continuing to give power to the term “influencer” in a marketing world over-saturated with them. Will the real creatives please stand up?

Hayley:  Using the wrong platform depending on demographic. It amazes me that brands who want to target Gen Z, for example, don’t consider YouTube as the primary channel for content, or brands who want to target a business-minded audience but don’t utilize Twitter.

Biggest influencer win of 2017?

Hayley: Social justice + marches: It wasn’t just celebrities who got the ball rolling on the massive Women’s Marches. Social media influencers played a huge roll in circulating awareness about the marches across America and honestly, the world!

Fatima: @FentyBeauty back at it again! Early access to products gave influencers the opportunity to release tutorials and looks before the products were in store, which hyped up the beauty line so much. In one month, the brand brought in at least $72M in earned media value. YASSS RIH RIH.

Are brands changing to better utilize influencers? 

Francis: Most definitely, just ask REVOLVE. Issa party.

Darby: Yes, brands are definitely better utilizing influencers, but some have a long way to go. More conservative and longstanding brands as well as smaller local business could definitely up their influencer game in 2018.

2018 Influencer Marketing Predictions.

Francis:  IG will be pay-to-play. Snapchat will be obsolete if it isn’t already.

Hayley: I think that in 2018 we’ll see a spike in compensation rates from influencers along with the decrease of “influencers” with phony followers/engagement. As more technology comes out that acknowledge those with true influence versus those who have bought their followings, we’ll see a spike in rates from those proven to have true influence. They’ll have proof, and we’ll have to pay because they know they’re worth it and so does everyone else.

Nichole: Brands will start to use influencers more in their commercials and in their content production for digital assets.

Fatima: Definitely more rules and regulations from the FTC.


What are you most proud of in 2017?

Francis: XOMAD App. It’s come a long way since the beginning, and while it as its ups and downs, I still very much believe in our product, and how it can change the influencer game.

Giselle: I take pride in any kind of growth – building new relationships, seeing new places and learning new things. This year was amazing and I cannot wait to explore many new things in years that are yet to come.

Hayley: I’m pretty proud of the growth I’ve had at work. I’m fairly fresh out of college, but I’ve learned a lot more this year than I thought I would.

Kelly: There’s been a whole lot of self-acceptance this year and I’m stoked on it.

Fatima: Ya girl graduated, got a job, is doing the damn thing!!

One thing you do to kickoff the new year?

Hayley: I sleep in as long as humanly possible New Years Day. Nothing healthier than some much needed sleep!

Nichole: Spend the New Years at a cabin. Peace and quiet to start my mind off right.

Kelly: I try to set intentions for the year. Be a woman of action, pursue what makes me happy, surround myself with trill humans, etc.

Fatima: On New Year’s Eve, my family throws a huge party at my house with hella food and drinks. We dance, sing, and some of my family members even do impersonations. A bunch of people sleepover and on New Year’s Day, we eat and drink some more until like 8pm. It’s so exhausting, but so worth it.

Darby: My mom usually makes a “good luck soup” with (leftover Christmas) ham and beans, so I start the year off right with some solid fiber. I also try to clean out my inbox and make sure I finish any outstanding payments to start the new year feeling fresh and clear.

Hopes and wishes for 2018.


Hayley:  To quote Miss Congeniality, “world peace.” But actually though, it would be nice to go through the year without hearing about natural disasters, terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and hate protests.

As for influencer marketing, I hope we’ll see a drop in false “influencers,” and I hope brands won’t want to work with a person solely based on their follower count, but on more, including personality, their rapport with their audience, and their creativity.

Nichole: Everything I want to say here is political. So like Thumper’s Mom always said, If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. My hope for influencer marketing is that influencers will champion NGO’s and for free!

Fatima: I hope brands start to realize that follower count does not equate to quality content. Just because someone has a high following doesn’t mean they can create stellar content that not only is unique, but engaging as well.

Darby: I thoroughly second Nichole. One of my greatest wishes is for influencer marketing to start combating real issues like the Western world’s obsession with uniqueness, experiences that make us seem cool, a lack of real-world action, and a general sense of excess. If you’re reading this, chances are you have everything you need, so rejoice and be glad, and do something good with what you’ve been given.

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