Staying True to Your Brand In Influencer Marketing

How to avoid the slippery slope of “hired gun” influencer marketing.

In 2016 we saw big influencers like Kim Kardashian grow public suspicion around the authenticity of influencer marketing due to crackdowns by the FTC. Staying authentic with marketing content and strategy is a crucial part of any marketing strategy, and if used correctly, influencers can be a brand’s biggest asset to succeed in this realm. Here are ways both brands and influencers can work to preserve authenticity in their campaign content.

For influencers…
The best way to maintain quality engagement while growing your channel is to remain selective with brands, choosing to partner with brands that seamlessly fit your channel, and which you actually like! Followers can see through inauthentic content and messaging, so stay true to who you are and avoid letting your wallet dictate who you partner with (bonus, this is probably good dating advice too…). Staying creative and relational with your followers will pay dividends in the long run as your trustworthiness and relatability exponentially increases.

For brands…
The best strategies always involve listening to and meeting the real needs of your target demographics. Be selective about the Influencers you work with. Make sure their audiences match your target demos. Think outside the box. Is a 24-year-old lingerie model the best way to market new bras to women? Probably not, but it sure is a good way to market something to 24-year-old men.

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