Vero: Thoughts with #teamXomad Influencers

Oh, how social media has evolved over the past 15 years of its existence. Gone are the days of chronological feeds and non-sponsored posts — or so we thought! A new social media platform, called Vero, has emerged and its made waves within the influencer space. Whether good or bad, Vero gained 3.5 million users by March 4, and people are buzzing about it.

What is Vero?

Vero is a social media platform with the tagline: True Social. Within the app, they’ve made it possible to share movies, photos, books, music — everything you could want to share. Vero has made some definitive distinctions between their platform and their counterparts like Instagram, including a lack of algorithm and the opportunity to share to different communities a user distinguishes: close friend, friend, acquaintance, and follower.

These somewhat magical solutions to people’s issues with Instagram do come with a price, however. Vero promised its first million users a lifetime free subscription, which means yes, users will have to pay for the lack of data mining and algorithm. Though currently, due to platform glitches that come along with mass amounts of users in such a short amount of time, Vero has extended its lifetime free subscription, but we’re still wondering: Until when?

We asked the experts — influencers — their initial thoughts on Vero:

Francis: 1. Chronologically Ordered Posts – I can’t think of a single person I know that loves/likes/agrees with the ongoing changes to the Instagram algorithms. Influencer or not, Instagram has really messed this up, and for this reason alone, Vero might give them a run for the money.
2. Passion – To reiterate the owner’s sentiments, It’s is all about what their users are passionate for and sharing it socially, which is why I’m way down with it.
3. No ads – Need I say more?

London: I think its super cool but buggy as hell! I am definitely gonna give it ago though.

Allysa: I haven’t downloaded it yet because I’ve heard that it’s too buggy and doesn’t seem to be working properly. BUT if it did work like it’s supposed to, it sounds really cool. I like that you’re able to upload full videos and link to places you’ve been. Not sure if I’ll be downloading it until it gets the kinks worked out though.

Shay: I think it has potential, but may need to be simplified a bit if it wants to rival Instagram. Currently, it’s too much to try to figure out.

Although Vero has been around for about two years, it is only now becoming popular due to ongoing frustrations influencers and general users alike have with the behemoth Instagram. No one has totally jumped ship to Vero, but some creators have set the trend that now 3.5 million people (and counting) are following. Talk about influence! Am I right?

Let us know your thoughts on the new platform, Vero, in the comments! Also check out our last Q&A for International Women’s Day.
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