Buzz Marketing: What It Is & Why You Need It

buzz marketing

There are a number of ways to get the word out about your product or service. You can send out emails, run some (Pay-Per-Click) PPC campaigns, and maybe put up a billboard or two. But if you really want to see a big return on your investment, you need to employ buzz marketing.

Buzz Marketing Defined

Essentially, buzz marketing is creating interest in your product or service by maximizing the potential of word-of-mouth marketing. When done correctly, your target market will be excited about what you have to offer and they will want to tell everyone about it. By getting people to talk about your brand—both on social media and to their personal friends and family—you will be able to grow your brand awareness, earn more web traffic, and increase your sales and bottom line.

Driven by Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a key component of any buzz marketing campaign. Through influencer marketing, you are able to get your product or service into the hands of people with substantial online followings. And since their followers already know and trust them, as soon as the influencer mentions your product or service, their fans will all be anxious to try it. With influencer marketing, you can reach a significantly larger audience than you can posting on your own social media channels.

Examples of Buzz Marketing

While buzz marketing activations almost always use influencer marketing tactics, they can come to life in a variety of ways. Here are some examples:

  • Create an online video that is humorous, inspiring, or controversial and then have influencers share this content with a hashtag in hopes it will become a trending topic.
  • Give your product to key influencers in your industry and then enlist them to create buzz about your product through their blogs and social media outlets.
  • Host a large event, such as a show or intriguing demonstration, to allow people to try your product, and then encourage them to share their experiences online and with their friends and family.

Buzz Marketing Results

By now you probably want to see some hard stats about how effective buzz marketing really is. Don’t worry; we have plenty of them. Here are two of our buzz marketing campaigns, backed by influencer marketing, that produced extremely powerful results:

  • Unilever: Dry Spray Launch – We were tasked with launching a new product across multiple Unilever brands, including Dove, Dove Men+Care, AXE, and Degree Men and Women. We accomplished this through two huge launch events. One produced by the brand in New York with XOMAD attendees and one on the west coast produced by XOMAD. We gave the biggest influencers in the country exclusive access to the new products and encouraged social sharing. Unilever ended up receiving 182 million impressions, over 1,000 social media posts, and 54 blog posts as a result of the buzz marketing campaign.
  • CROSS Pens – CROSS Pens is a long-time producer of high-end luxury writing instruments, and they wanted to bring back the art of writing to all generations. To do this, our goal was to create a mass buzz marketing campaign to get their products in the hands of celebrities and key influencers. The results speak for themselves: Over the course of six months, CROSS Pens received 1.25 billion—with a B—impressions, over 16,000 social media posts, and 277 blog posts.

At XOMAD, we know who the key influencers are in your industry and we want to put them to work for you. If you are ready to create your own buzz marketing campaign and attract an entirely new audience, contact XOMAD now.

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