XOMAD’s Secret Sauce: Our Proprietary Technology Engine

Many research reports have found that most consumers find nano-influencers and micro-influencers more trustworthy and authentic than celebrity influencers. However, since the average consumer needs to be reached in their social media feeds at least seven times before they act, achieving the necessary post frequency to achieve ROI from influencer campaigns requires dozens, or hundreds, even thousands of influencers. 

Few companies have the resources to identify and select the right influencers at that kind of scale – to say nothing of managing contracts, creative brief coordination, content review, brand safety assurances, and results measurement. 

To overcome these challenges, XOMAD’s in-house team of 55+ full-time data scientists, engineers, and analysts built a proprietary AI engine, from scratch, that finally makes it possible for organizations to scale working with nano-influencers and micro-influencers, in ways that are brand-safe, legally compliant, and measurable. 

What does the engine do? It identifies the exact right communities of influencers that can reach an organization’s target audience many times, through personalized posts from multiple influencers, trendsetters and trusted social media messengers, thereby maximizing view frequency within the target audience. This concept, called Target Audience Overlap™, underpins our technology and forms part of what makes nano- and micro-influencer campaigns by XOMAD so effective.

Our engine constantly scans billions of social posts from hundreds of millions of profiles around the world, across nearly all social media platforms in the world. This allows XOMAD to identify the right communities of influencers, no matter how specific or niche their geographic, demographic or psychographic characteristics. (XOMAD does not pick influencers from a pre-vetted list.)

XOMAD used this engine to identify, for Rainbow Light, 200+ women who were new mothers, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, to participate in their #FirstThousandDays program.

It also allows XOMAD to detect emerging trends and trendsetters on social media, which brands like L’Oreal have used to create communities of haircare influencers to spot emerging beauty trends five years into the future – predictions that are now coming true. 

The engine serves as a powerful algorithmic first line of defense for brand safety, ensuring that influencers participating are on-brief, brand-safe, and haven’t worked with competitors. 

Our engine underpins The Council, our most cutting-edge offering, which allows brands to stay more agile and form strategic, longer-lasting relationships with influencers throughout their marketing process.

Together, our technology and our dedicated team – who, combined, possess more than five decades of experience executing influencer marketing campaigns – make XOMAD one of the only, full-service, technology-centered firms in the influencer marketing space. We do what was previously impossible: we scale nano-influencers and micro-influencers!

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