Define your Audience &
Partner with Key Influencers

Define your brand’s audience by identifying your target customer, their media behaviors, and understand what impacts their purchase decisions.

Identify the right Influencers for your brand and understand their relationship to their audience.

Social listening is important when looking for opportunities to partner with the right Influencers. Influencers’ audiences crave authenticity, and brands need to be aware of how their partnerships will align with their target customer.

Partner with the right content creators to create compelling content for audiences. Creative content is the key to any successful campaign, and can be replicated through call-to-actions, experiences, and creative storytelling.

Create Chatter Across
Multiple Tiers of Influencers

To ensure your message has maximum reach, tiers of Influencers should all be talking with the buzz/chatter crossing over an array of networks. XOMAD uses the right Influencer networks and creative messaging to ensure that large media outlets, online personalities and local superstars are all talking about your brand. For every campaign, we integrate Influencer chatter with high profile bloggers and online personalities. And no Influencer company has the depth of celebrity relationships we have through our Hollywood networks.

Measure Your Impact 
& Results

Metrics and data give insight into your ROI and the value of the content created, audience it reached, and engagement with your brand.


XOMAD Technology Platform

XOMAD has spent years developing a proprietary technology platform that uniquely identifies, dissects and analyzes criteria relating to influencers’ reach, impressions, credibility and engagement.

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Social Influencer Marketing

We don’t want to toot our own horn … so here is what a few people are saying about social influencer marketing.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

Every brand is unique and therefore each influencer marketing strategy should be unique as well. We work with each brand to determine the best combination of influencers to create the most effective and impactful campaign possible.

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