Hyper-specific precision for targeting, tracking and ROI analyses.

API’s for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vine, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest and other social platforms still technically limit the precision. But, as the API’s continue to improve, XOMAD’s team of engineers are leading the way in bringing the best of Adtech, Programmatic and Big Data advancements into influencer marketing — providing hyper-specific precision for targeting, tracking and ROI analyses.

Unparalleled technology and strategies are today being deployed by XOMAD.

For example, say you’re a beauty brand launching a new shampoo, you’re going to want to assess beauty influencers most basically by reach, credibility and engagement, but you’re also going to want to know everything possible about the influencers’ followers.

  • Beyond simply the age and gender breakdowns of the followers, you’d ideally want to know how the influencers’ engagement varies across posts about hair as opposed to skin or makeup wouldn’t you?.
  • And say you’re targeting African American women, aged 18-24, wouldn’t you want to know what the engagement rates are for influencer posts on hair within this specific age demo?
  • And what if you could further know that a high percentage of that engagement is actually coming from other influencers?!?

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

Influencer Marketing is still in its infancy, but XOMAD is working rapidly towards a future that combines authentic, organic influencer impressions combined with the precision of Programmatic technology and algorithms.

XOMAD’s proprietary technology is being placed in the hands of social gatekeepers, the influencers’ influencers, in metropolitan markets around the country, allowing us direct qualitative and quantitative access into the networks and conversations comprising social ecosystems. Unlike our competitors, we are NOT relying on professional influencers or hired guns to opt-in to our platform.

Coming soon, XOMAD will provide clients with direct access to this groundbreaking technology, which someday will serve as the foundation for our creation of the Influencer Marketplace.


XOMAD Technology Platform

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Influencer Marketing Strategy

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